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Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Review

SharkNinja continues to amaze with innovative features on the newer vacuum models. And one of the most advanced Shark corded stick vacuums is the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601. So, without further ado, we present the Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Review.

Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Review

This is going to be a detailed yet simplified review that will let you know all the main features as well as the pros & cons. At the end of the article, we’ll give our verdict on whether the vacuum will be worth your money.

Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Release Date

This advanced Shark stick vacuum was officially released on 25th August 2019. So, it should be available for purchase at SharkNinja website and other online stores. You can also check its availability at your local store.
Click here to see its current price.

Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Review: Main Features

As mentioned above, the Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 represents some of the best Shark technologies. As you’ll see in this section, there is a lot to love about it – in terms of usability and performance. The features are truly amazing!

These are the main features of the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 corded stick vacuum:

HyperVelocity Suction

Any good vacuum must suck! Yea, you heard that right. A vacuum that can’t powerfully pick up dust, dirt, and debris is a total waste of time. And this Shark APEX UpLight vacuum lives up to our expectations. It is powered by Shark’s HyperVelocity technology.

How it works is that a high-speed motor and streamlined airflow work together to produce a strong, accelerated suction power. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about performance with this unit.

In fact, it has been given the name “UpLight” because it gives you the lightweight convenience of a stick vacuum with the power of an upright.

Lift-Away technology

Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Review - Lift-Away

This is a first in stick vacuums – because SharkNinja has essentially applied this technology in Shark uprights only thus far. Lift-away technology allows you to easily separate the vacuums ultra-light ‘pod’ from the rest of the unit.

Then, using the pod’s extendable hose, you can clean hard-to-reach areas with ease. Also, you can attach the vacuum’s wand to the hose to further extend your reach. Therefore, cleaning walls, drapes, and other above-floor areas becomes a walk in the park.

DuoClean technology

Like most of the newer Shark vacuum products, the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 is equipped with DuoClean technology. This way, you should not worry about buying different vacuums for different flooring types.

Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 Review - DuoClean technology

There are two brushrolls that help to clean bare floors as well as carpets with the same intensity. Area rugs are also easy to clean.

Self-cleaning brushrolls

One of the main challenges of vacuum-cleaning is clogged brushrolls – and the main culprit is usually human and pet hair. More often than not, you need to access the brushroll to pull of tangled hair by hand or using tweezers. Sometimes, you need a pair of scissors to cut off the hair strands.

Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Review - Self-cleaning

Well, SharkNinja has tried to deal with this inconvenience in the most innovative way yet – anti-hair-wrap brushrolls. As you clean, the brushroll is able to untangle the hair, thereby preventing any blockage that is always a nightmare for many.

HEPA-standard filtration system

For a vacuum to be considered HEPA-quality, it must capture and trap up to 99.97 percent of all allergens inside the dirt canister/bag. And the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 has not been left behind. The vacuum uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal together with a HEPA filter for this purpose.

So, if you, your family, or any visitor lives with allergies and/or asthma, this would be a good choice. Pollutants such as dust, pollen, and dust mites won’t be allowed back into the air once they are sucked in.

Freestanding design

Sometimes, manufacturers seem to ignore the fact that top-heavy designs are a pain for users. If a vacuum is top-heavy, it is very likely to topple over when not in use. However, this is not the case with the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 vacuum.

At the base, there are support wheels that offer the balance needed. However, when you want you to use the vacuum, you can easily retract the wheels and get on with the task.

2-in-1 vacuum

Who wouldn’t want a 2-in-1 vacuum? Well, first of all, it is more prudent to buy one versatile vacuum than two separate ones. This is more affordable. Then, you get convenience in terms of usage and storage.

Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Review - Handheld

The Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 corded stick vacuum easily converts into a hand vacuum. This makes it easy to clean small messes on upholstery, furniture, stairs, and so on. Also, you can use it to quickly dust car interiors.


To make things even better, you get a few attachments to help you with tight spots as well as above-ground areas like upholstery. You get a duster crevice tool plus a pet multi-tool that is vital for pet guardians.

Also, an accessory holder is available so that you don’t struggle with storage.

LED lights

Occasionally, you may unknowingly leave some dirt or dust untouched, especially in the darker areas of the room. So, you need a vacuum that illuminates those sections. Thankfully, this Shark APEX UpLight vacuum has LED lights on the vacuum’s floor head to take care of that.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the detachable hand vacuum.

Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 Features & Specs

While we have done a thorough review of the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601, we think it’s a good idea to summarize all the specifications and features. This is for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t have time to read the whole write-up.

This is what to expect from the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601:

  • Type: stick, bagless
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs.
  • 30-foot power cord
  • Hose length: 4.2 feet
  • DuoClean technology
  • Self-cleaning brushroll
  • Lift-Away technology
  • Self-standing
  • LED lights on the floor nozzle
  • 2-in-1 vacuum
  • HEPA filter
  • Dirt capacity: 0.68 dry quarts
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology
  • Cleaning path: 9 inches
  • 120 Volts, 5.8 Amps, 700 Watts
  • Measures 10.44 L X 11.38 W X 46.19 H (inches)

Shark APEX UpLight Review: Pros & Cons

Like any other item, the Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift-Away Vacuum LZ601 has its own (many) positives and a few negatives. Therefore, we need to take a look at both sides of the coin.


What do we love about the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601?

  • Powerful suction
  • It’s easy to maneuver
  • Anti-hair wrap technology
  • Excellent filtration system
  • Multi-floor cleaning
  • Very light lift-away pod
  • Attractive design
  • Has a couple of useful attachments
  • Easily converts into a hand vacuum
  • Easy to store – freestanding and has an accessory bag
  • LED lights illuminate dark spaces
  • Well-priced considering its features
  • Long 5-year warranty

Click here to see its current price.


These are the demerits of the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601:

  • To get more accessories such as the self-cleaning pet power brush, anti-allergen dust brush, and a multi-angle dusting brush, you need to pay extra

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601?

Is it wise to buy the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 corded stick vacuum? Well, this is a revolutionary product in the vacuum industry. Not only is it ultra-light, but it is also very powerful in picking up dirt and debris from your floors. Also, it is the first Shark stick vacuum to incorporate the convenient lift-away technology.

Furthermore, its other features are very enticing – anti-hair wrap, DuoClean technology, and HyperVelocity suction – just to mention a few. Not only is it great for normal house cleaning, but it is also an ideal choice for pet owners.

So, if you are a fan of corded stick vacuums, this is definitely one to consider. It is a worthy buy if you are looking for an effective cleaning partner. Going by the pedigree of the manufacturer, we recommend that you consider acquiring this unit.

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