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Why a Vacuum is a Must-Have Home Appliance

Why a Vacuum is an Essential Appliance - robot vacuum cleaner

Is it really necessary to buy a vacuum cleaner? If you happen to be a traditionalist who purchases an item when the whole world has used it, you need to change. Of course, it will take a while to get into the system and warm up to a technologically advanced home appliance.

When you’re quite young, you may never truly grasp the usefulness of a vacuum cleaner. However, as you grow up and probably move out of your parents’ home, it becomes apparent that you need it. Otherwise, everything becomes so messed up.

Up to this day, I have never understood how people survived while doing everything manually decades ago. One thought that comes to mind when I think about a vacuum is: Savior!

7 Reasons Why Vacuums Are Essential Home Appliances

Owning a vacuum cleaner will totally save your life. Here’s is why every household should have a vacuum.

1. Vacuum cleaners are economical

When you vacuum regularly, you improve your carpet’s quality and lifespan. The brushes commonly used while hand washing tend to reduce the carpet fiber thus the carpet wears out faster. By vacuuming, the fiber remains intact. So, you will not need to replace the carpets frequently.

Besides, some of the traditional methods used to clean, for instance, brushes, consume a lot of water and soap. Therefore, you end up spending more money than necessary. This cost can double or triple if you opt to take your carpets out for commercial cleaning.

2. Vacuums improve our general health

Why a Vacuum is a Must-Have Home Appliance

Do you sometimes sneeze while sweeping? Most people do. Brooms tend to awaken dust and push it around rather than get rid of it. When that dust goes into the air, we breathe it in together with all the dust mites and microscopic allergens in it. The floor may look neat but the air becomes totally contaminated.

A vacuum, on the other hand, absorbs all the dust alongside all the allergens that could inhabit your carpet or floor. The dirt gets into the vacuum system and filtration takes over. This way, allergens such as dust and micro-organisms are trapped inside the unit.

Also, if you carefully empty the dirt canister, the pollutants do not get the chance to contaminate the air again. In a nutshell, vacuums do not just clean the floor; they clean the air as well.

This is especially important for people who suffer from allergic infections. A vacuum’s filtration process helps reduce the allergens in our homes resulting in reduced allergy attacks and overall improved health.

3. A vacuum saves your time

Today’s households have every member engaged from dusk to dawn. The kids go to school early and come back late. The adults work round the clock – some 2 to 3 jobs. When do houses get cleaned? There’s literally no time for cleaning. The little time you get, you want to use it taking care of other core roles like bonding with the children or helping them with their homework.

With such limited time, a broom will take you longer to clean. On the other hand, a vacuum can do a much better job in less than half that time. In the market today, we have robot vacuums that can even clean in our absence. Once you set it up, you will have a clean house round the month with minimal involvement.

4. Vacuums protect your home from bugs

Bugs love carpets because they find warmth and undisturbed comfort. Besides, most carpets are made of wool which some bugs eat. Other bugs are brought in by our pets. So, our houses are inhabited by all manner of bugs.

This may be dangerous to us and our children. What would you feel if your child’s clothes get infested by fleas? You don’t even want to think about it, right? A broom cannot reach dark corners where these harmful, creepy, and dirty bugs find habitation.

Therefore, you need a vacuum to help you disturb their comfort and get rid of them. Consistent vacuuming will also ensure that you never have to deal with bugs.

5. Multiple surfaces cleaning

If you choose a good vacuum, you can clean every part of your house at a go. The vacuum plus its accessories provide versatility like no other. Therefore, you can clean the floor, stairs, drapes, the ceiling, shelves, furniture, and more – all at one go. You can also clean mattresses, pillows, cushions, and area rugs in a very short time.

Why a Vacuum is a Must-Have Home Appliance Shark Navigator Speed Upright Vacuum
Shark vacuum

If you are to clean all these surfaces manually, it will probably take you days. And that’s why most neglected houses tend to be so stuffy and dusty. Additionally, a vacuum cleaner is thorough, it’s able to deep clean carpets and rugs in a way manual cleaning will never do.

It also goes without saying that any vacuum that can clean carpets well must be superb on bare floors.

6. Vacuums are stress relievers

What? How?

Don’t you just get depressed when you see your house looking all dirty and messy? If you have pets, you find pet hair and dander everywhere and you can even smell their odor. The babies have littered all over and all that is waiting for you to clean up.

What do you feel in the opposite circumstances? The house is clean, no pet and kids litter, you can smell the fresh air from the door, and you can breathe easy.

Relaxing, right? A vacuum has the magical ability to absorb all the bad odor, pick up the debris whether large or small, collect all the pet dander, hair, and leftovers. This leaves your house clean and smelling fresh.

Some people even find vacuum-cleaning exercise therapeutic!

7. Vacuums help to quickly fix messes

Small messes can quickly be picked up by a vacuum – especially if you have a handheld vacuum. A 2-in-1 vacuum that quickly transforms from a huge appliance to a hand vac in a snap can also come in handy.

Also, if you have a wet/dry vacuum, you can effectively get rid of liquids as soon as they pour. This way, the floor remains clean and your fabrics stain-free. If you were to deal with such spills manually, the liquid would already be too deep into the fabric by the time a towel absorbs it.

If your house is messy and you get a call your friends are coming over, how would you manage to clean up in short notice? Again, using a vacuum!


A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important appliances in modern homes.

The level of cleanliness required to maintain a happy, healthy family can only be achieved using such a machine. If one person does it manually, it means they forego many other chores that are far more important.

In the market today, there are scores of options that can fit even the smallest budget. As mentioned earlier, a vacuum can literally save your life. Transform your life today, delegate cleaning, and focus on other core duties. You deserve to enjoy stress-free cleaning.

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